Thursday, June 24, 2010

What disappointment!!!!!

As you may or may not be aware i have been trying to lose weight and it was going really well at least steady. My parents came to town and all hell broke loose. I didn't go to the gym and I was eating like it was going out of style. So i gained some of the weight back. Which I am ok with because I knew it was going to happen. I went back to the gym for the first couple of time and it is hard as hell to get back on the elliptical bike. I used to an hour with no problem now i have to stop at the 30 minute mark and take a break. Then the next couple of workout I was actually getting my mojo back because i was doing the full hour non stop. So now I have discovered that there is a lump in my back I have no idea what it is. At first i thought it was just a pimple and would have Con. pop the damn thing because it was bothering me. Well when he finally had off and was getting ready to pop it (he gets very excited for some reason for popping pimples, I will never understand) He tells me that he can not pop it because it is not through the skin yet. I was highly disappointed because it feels like this big ball of pressure in my back. It has gotten to the point to where i can not even sit comfortably in a chair and have my back against it. So now I cant even workout and i am eating ok but not like i should be eating and it is just getting me more and more upset. I am going to have to go to the Dr. tomorrow which I am not to thrilled of because I just don't like them. Yes, I do work in a hospital but that is besides the point. So when i got back from vacation they changed my desk to another area of the office. That is fine with me because i really don't care where i sit. however there was someone else already sitting in my seat so i had no chance to get all of my personal things which is kind of messed up because it is bad enough that I have been out of the office for this time and have worked backed up and so many emails and now on top of that I have to figure out where they put all my stuff and reorganize my work space. I think I am going to have to go in this weekend and get everything together and try to get some of the back log worked on. It is funny today my supervisor asked me if I wanted to go to another team. At first I thought this was a trick question. She was really being serious but the way i think about it is this I am going to be leaving this job in a couple of months anyway what is the sense of me rocking the boat now. Anyhow if they really cared of what I thought they would have asked me where i would of like to go in the beginning of all of this. Well that is all for now I hope everything turns out all right with my back and it is nothing serious. I am not sure i could another serious problem. Have a great night where ever you are UNTIL WE MEET AGAIN...

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